Lord Morpheus


Each is original

Introducing our unique “Dream Cat” Bookmark, inspired by the enigmatic Lord Morpheus from the Sandman series. This exquisite bookmark takes the shape of a sleek black cat, paying homage to the mysterious feline companion often seen by Morpheus. Crafted with attention to detail, the “Dream Cat” bookmark features the cat’s silhouette. Its elegant design is perfect for book lovers and Sandman enthusiasts.

Made from acrylic paints, laminated to last, this bookmark is not only a stylish addition to your reading collection but also a functional tool to keep your place in your favorite books. Its dark and dreamy design is sure to evoke the essence of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman world.

Whether you’re delving into the realm of dreams or simply enjoying a good book, our “Dream Cat” Bookmark is the ideal companion. Embrace the mystique of Lord Morpheus and add a touch of magic to your reading experience with this exceptional bookmark.


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