Mr. Pumpkinsnuggle


Original painting
A5 size
Acrylic ink

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Introducing our enchanting original painting, “Mr. Pumpkinsnuggle,” a whimsical and slightly spooky masterpiece that captures the essence of Halloween and the mysterious allure of black cats.

In this artwork, a striking black cat takes center stage, its eyes gleaming with mischief and curiosity. However, what makes “Mr. Pumpkinsnuggle” truly unique is the playful twist – instead of a typical feline head, a grinning jack-o’-lantern rests atop its shoulders. The contrast between the sleek, inky fur and the warm, glowing pumpkin imbues the piece with a delightful sense of the uncanny.

Framed with elegance and laminated for preservation, “Mr. Pumpkinsnuggle” is a perfect addition to your seasonal decor or a year-round homage to the spirit of Halloween. Whether you’re a fan of the supernatural or simply someone who appreciates the art of the whimsical, this original painting is sure to add a touch of enchantment to your living space and spark conversations with its irresistible charm.


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