Solstice Blessing


Handpainted original
Blank inside
Comes with an envelope

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Front of the card: A winter wreath adorned with enchanting details, including a magic knot, graces the front of this card. Inscribed with the words “Solstice Blessings,” it exudes a sense of magical warmth and festive joy.

Inside the card: The interior remains blank, inviting you to infuse it with your own heartfelt solstice blessings, personal messages, or warm wishes. This blank canvas allows for a truly personalized expression, creating a meaningful connection between sender and recipient.

Envelope: Paired with an envelope, the card is beautifully complemented by a design that mirrors the enchanting elements featured on the card itself. The ensemble is ready to deliver your thoughtful solstice blessings in a presentation that captures the essence of the season’s magic.


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