Black pillowcase

Hand ebroidered

50cm x 50 cm

100% cotton

Machine wash max 40

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Introducing our unique and thought-provoking “Sorrows, Sorrows, Prayers” Pillowcase, a beautifully handcrafted masterpiece that encapsulates the depth of emotion and reflection. This pillowcase features the hauntingly beautiful quote “Sorrows, Sorrows, Prayers” meticulously hand-embroidered in elegant script, serving as a constant reminder of the profound journey of life.

The centerpiece of this design is the striking image of a grave, also meticulously hand-embroidered, symbolizing the inevitable passage of time and the stories that lie beneath the earth. This evocative imagery, paired with the poignant quote, invites contemplation and introspection, making it a perfect addition to your home decor.

Crafted from soft, high-quality fabric, this pillowcase not only adds a touch of artistry to your living space but also provides comfort and solace as you rest your head on it. Whether you’re seeking a unique decorative piece or a meaningful gift, our “Sorrows, Sorrows, Prayers” Pillowcase is a testament to the enduring power of human emotion and the artistry of hand embroidery. Embrace the profound with this extraordinary pillowcase.


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